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¡Atención! Esta es la versión juvenil del libro bestseller SELAÖN. SINOPSIS: La princesa elfa Oonagh, se siente muy turbada cuando conoce al vikingo Hjalmar,​.
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They area was not very attractive to live in, and with the need of Örebro to have new housing and shopping areas, they decided that everything old was to be knocked down. Luckily a campaign was started by the County Antiquarian, Bertil Waldén, to save at least some of the better old buildings. Hjalmar Bergman is one of the greatest Swedish authors. He was born and raised in Örebro, and a great part of his writing are from experiences in his childhood and youth.

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And that's how they came up with the name for "Wadköping". This old phone booth is close to the entrance of Wadköping. I have no clue though if it still works, but I thought it just looked lovely and had to take a picture of it. All in all it was a great day!

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Örebro has , inhabitants, which makes it the seventh largest town in Sweden. It is also a university city, which gives it a bit of a lively feel to it and a nice atmosphere. Örebro is located about km from Stockholm and km to both Gothenburg and Oslo.

I've put Örebro in the region of Lake Mälaren on my webpages, although I know it is not exactly located in this region. It is actually located west of Lake Mälaren on the shores of lake Hjälmaren. Örebro has some interesting tourist attractions and the most famous is the castle, which dates back to the 13th century. The other one that I want to write about on this page is Wadköping, the old town. The building of castles in Sweden started with the strengthening of the king's power in the second part of the 13th century.

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Fortresses were built in the most important towns or as is the case for Örebro strategic points on important routes. The first time the fortress of Örebro was mentioned was in May Örebro has known quite a history, and has been besieged three times, in , and , but every time it withstood the assault.

The strength of the fortification at Örebro lay in the combination of the thick high walls, plentiful water supply and impressive armaments. In the last decade of the 16th century, the town and the castle had a golden period of growth. Duke Karl turned the fortifications into a castle. The present castle is the result of a comprehensive restoration from The castle was 'upgraded' to give it 'a grander appearance, worthy of its rich past'. A word of warning though, the castle itself is not so spectacular to see on the inside.

So don't get any hopes of seeing a nicely and interesting decorated castle. There isn't anything left of the old interior, only a few items mainly paintings you can still see.

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The inside of the castle is now made for practical use, like offices and conference rooms. So I thought that was quite disappointing. But the stories the guide tell are quite nice, so that made the tour worth while for me. The excursion takes about an hour and you hear all about how the life of the king in the castle was like. You hear stories about the big celebrations they used to have, and also about the rituals at the wedding night of the king. You can also hear about the ghost of Örebro, hahaha, as any real castle, this castle has its own ghost story as well.

I went with the guided tour at the end of August and that meant that there was only a Swedish guided tour. But you do get a brochure with some English information on it. My Swedish isn't so good so I had a hard time understanding what the guide had to say. But she was very sweet and quickly translated the story in English, hahaha, what she actually wasn't supposed to do. It is a bit hidden away, so you might not notice it, if you don't know where to go. So here is a little tip of how to find it : when you are in front of the main entrance of the castle, walk around it to the right side.

A small path besides around the castle tower, alongside the moat brings you to the entrance of the exhibition. Opening times of the exhibition : June 2-August Mon-Fri 9. Rest of the year: Mon-Fri You can clearly see at points all the alterations that have been made to the castle over the centuries.

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A few fun details were pointed out, like the two sets of doors that are in opposite corners in the inner courtyard. The first set of doors is for the king and queen.

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  5. In those days it was very important that the King should have its own entrance. So the solution was to give the king and the queen there own entrance door as you can see on the picture. Of course the door for the king should be much bigger than the one for the queen, so that makes it the door on the right side in the picture the 'king's door'. The doors actually lead to different parts of the castle.

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    7. The king and queen didn't like each other very much, so they lived in separate quarters of the castle. Seperate entrance for the prince The guided tour starts in the courtyard of the castle, and you can hear all about the building history of the castle. This is also the spot where the exhibition about the history of Örebro is. It's not allowed to take pictures inside the castle, except for here at the jail, so this is the only picture of the interior that I have of Örebro castle. Not that I really minded in this case, as the interior wasn't so nice to see.

      The guided tour was more about the stories of the castle and the people living here, than showing the interior. Living in this jail for example wasn't the most fun part of it. You would be chained around your ankles, hands and also you neck and locked up in the little cell. The drinking water you would get would come straight out of the moat, and that wasn't the best water to drink.

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      Like in a lot of castles, the moat was used like a sewer for the toilets The huge parties that were held when other royals visited, sounded a better place to be Hahaha, hearing all the details, maybe it wasn't so very pleasant at all. The dinners would be huge, and in total the meal would have 37 dishes.

      And you had to eat from each and every dish! Of course that is almost impossible to do, so they had a solution to that.

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      After a few courses of the meal, they would throw up, so they would make more room in the stomach for the next dish. They actually had a little feather next to their plate to put in the back in the throat to make the vomiting more easily. There were several stories like this about life in the castle and were fun to hear.

      Like the wedding night tradition of the king. The location of the castle is a bit unusual though; it is in the middle of the city centre of Örebro. In the background on the right side of the picture click on it to enlarge it you can see the buildings of the city centre. If you follow the road signs to the city centre you can't miss finding the castle.

      Sobre el post anterior que trataba del cementerio de los peones ferroviarios Church and bellfry. Or try something else from the wide choice on offer. Hola Nettus! Soy todo ojos Hay señalizaciones desde la iglesia hasta la quebrada. En medio de la quebrada hay un lugar en forma de cuenco donde se pueden hacer ofrendas depositando monedas. Entre otros detalles, cuentan que para poder ser empleado como jornalero se les exigía como prueba el saltar del bloque de piedra. Encima de la quebrada hay restos de un castillo o fortaleza.

      Que el recorrido es menos monótono y hay cosas que merecen la pena ver y que al bajar, saliendo por Mo-I-Rana, entonces seguir por Östersund, etc. La piedra fue descubierta por Elias Brenner, Johan Hadorph y Petrus Törnewall en la iglesia de Sparlösa, empotrada en una pared del coro el año El año sacaron del muro las dos piedras y las juntaron. Cómo llegar: Salir de Grästorp, carretera 47 hacia Ulvstorp y seguir señalización a Sparlösa. Desde Lidköping torcer en Levene y conducir al pueblo y luego seguir señalización a Sparlösa. La de la foto mide 3,5 m de altura y se ha mudado de Skälvum al lugar actual.

      La otra piedra mide 4,6 m de altura y tiene una cruz cristiana gravada. Källby es un pueblo situado en el municipio de Götene en el condado de Västra Götaland. A sala van las carreteras 67 y 70 que unen la costa de Norrland con el sur y centro de Suecia. Durante sus mejores años se producían 3,5 toneladas de plata anuales y en total se extrajeron cerca de toneladas de plata y Desde la mina es propiedad del municipio de Sala y hoy es la instalación museo de mina. Después de haber buscado mineral donde las hermanas Vira, Lura y Kulla llegaron por fin a Sala, y donde ella encontraron un rico yacimiento.

      También se dan conciertos y otros festejos. En la superficie, hay tiendas de souvenirs, Café, etc. Hay WC a 50 m de profundidad y posibilidad de tomar una ducha en la superficie. Clickar en la foto para ver juego de fotos! Precio: 3. A 60 metros de profundidad no hay luz. Hay que ponerse botines y llevar linterna que entra en el precio del tour. Duración de la visita: 60 minutos.

      Precio adultos: 80 SEK. Duración: cerca de 1,5 horas. E-post info salasilvergruva.